Waffle Pods Melbourne

Safety, reliability, rigidity and flexibility are all key traits and attributes our waffle pods Melbourne administer. Nation Polystyrene System’s waffle pods Melbourne are made from expanded polystyrene and utilised in raft slabs, whilst providing many benefits over traditional slabs including reducing the effects of land heave, minimising costly concrete usage, easier to estimate steel/concrete requirements, plus thermal benefits. We are capable of administering waffle pods in all sizes to suit your project, if the layout is complex our extensively experienced personnel can tailor and customise a size to suit your needs.

This is what sets us apart from competition and renders NPS as the leading waffle pod distributor in both Melbourne and Brisbane.

Our Goal

We continuously aim to administer state of the waffle pods Melbourne products to propel and establish the functionality and completion of your construction project. With extensive knowledge and experience in the field, our leading technicians here at National Polystyrene Systems are devoted to their craft and continuously evolve their procedures and materials to ensure our clients get what they deserve. From waffle pods, insulation services to large scale civil engineering projects our waffle pods Melbourne can be utilised with effectiveness. When void fill products are mentioned, NPS is the only solution.

Feel the difference a well-crafted waffle pod can make to the completion of your project. For additional information on our services and how we can assist you in the accurate, efficient and timely completion of your project feel free to contact the leading personnel here at National Polystyrene Systems.

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