Polystyrene Cladding Brisbane

Broadly utilised across a variety of building applications, expanded polystyrene is a versatile and well proven construction material, useful for polystyrene cladding Brisbane work. Lightweight, strong, clean, and easy to handle, EPS boards provide insulation from temperature and noise and can be used as a base for rendered panels. Here at NPS we administer polystyrene cladding Brisbane products that can be sized to suit your orientation and needs. Each order can be cut to specifications, this is what sets us apart as the leading polystyrene cladding Brisbane distributor.

Did you know: “EPS is ideal for use in both commercial and residential applications including warehouses, factories, shop fronts, office buildings, houses and apartment blocks, sheds, patios, and garages”

Weather resistant with excellent thermal insulation properties and low moisture absorbency, EPS is the perfect material for insulating each and every room in a home, as well as the floor and ceiling. Its versatility is astonishing and here at NPS we take pride in providing clients with the utmost perfectly engineered EPS products to ensure their project is completed with precision.

EPS is also environmentally friendly, as for each kilogram of oil used in the manufacturing of EPS insulation, savings of up to 200kg of heating fuel can be made over the average lifespan of a house. This is a large reduction to your energy bill and an increase in the lifespan of the environment. If you are seeking polystyrene cladding Brisbane material and are unsure who to ask, fear no longer and contact us here at NPS – the industry leaders!

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