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Pipe lagging is a commonly used term for pipe insulation, a vital and overlooked area of construction that is used to help conserve heat in pipes, to prevent condensation, or to reduce the noise that comes out of pipes. The main two reasons for pipe lagging services in Brisbane Australia is for the acoustics and the thermal insulation. Here at NPS we utilise state of the art elastomer material to ensure that our pipe lagging Brisbane Australia service is second to none and our clients are satisfied with the quality of our products.

With the aid of NPS our materials are so sophisticated that insulation is available that can control both heat and noise transmission at the same time. This type of insulation minimises the disturbance of noisy kitchen, laundry and bathroom pipes, and maintains the temperature in hot/cold water services, chilled water lines, refrigeration pipework and air-conditioning ducts. Our expert technicians and team here at NPS have taken all the technological influences over the year and continuously aim to improve our pipe lagging Brisbane Australia products to ensure our clients are satisfied with their overall pipe lagging service.

Here at NPS we take pride in administering exceptional customer service and continuously improve our pipe lagging Brisbane materials and services to ensure you are getting nothing but the highest quality of insulation. If you are seeking pipe lagging materials in Brisbane Australia that last and utilise state of the art methodologies, seek no longer and contact the industry experts here at National Polystyrene Systems. Pipe lagging is synonym to us here at NPS and we liaise with clients prior to offering our thoughts on which products will suit, as we want to get an accurate depiction of your problem. Professionalism, only with NPS.

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